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Gifts from a Jar
Super Duper Cupcakes
Super Duper Cupcake Cookbook
Price: $3.95 each
Price $6.95 each
Your kids can now make homemade gift jars filled with ingredients to make delicious cookies, muffins, bars and scones. Each recipe has 3 sets of instructions to be included with the gift jars. This makes a great gift for older children and young teens. Includes Raffia Ribbion & Fabric!
Cupcakes are Super Duper popular and everyone loves them especially kids! This book features plenty of colorful photos, how to illustrations, and delicious recipes. Kids will love making them, everyone will love eating them!
Mini Treats
Mini Treats Cookbook
Price: $4.95
Packed full of delicious mini dessert recipes, beautiful images, and easy-to-follow instructions. From classic chocolate and vanilla varieties to inventive, contemporary recipes for special occasions, there's a mini dessert for every occasion in this inventive book. It is great for all skill levels and makes an ideal gift for your favorite baker. Hard cover book with 80 pages.