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Kids Fix it and Forget It Cookbook

Fix it and Forget it Kids Cookbook
Price: $7.95 each

Cooking for Today Pasta
Price: $4.95 each

Sale $2.95

Kids can have fun learing the creative meals that can be prepared in a slow cooker using fresh ingredients.  Features full color photos of finished main dishes and desserts.  Each recipe highlights prep equipment needed so your kids can successfully deliver high quality, tasty meals that will delight the family and fuel your children's passion for cooking.
Filled with pages of creative and endless ways to serve up favorite pasta dishes! Pasta Cooking for Today cookbook is essential for pasta fans of all ages! Featuring a variety of traditional and creative pasta dishes that can be prepared to wow your guests.

Celebrating Cookies
Price: $5.95 each


Kids Utensil Sets
Price: $6.50 each


Celebrate Cookies with this sweet paperback collection of recipes all piled into one cookbook. Find a mix of traditional favorites, kid friendly recipes, and scrumptous gift giving ideas!
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