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10 Top Tips for a Successful
Kids Cooking Party

Planning a cooking party or event for kids and looking for ways to make the event run as smoothly as possible, while the children are having a blast and you can stay within your budget too?   Here are a few tips:

    •  Provide each guest with a paper chef hat when they arrive and have them decorate their hat along with putting their name on it.  This will keep them situated and occupied while guests arrive.
    • Pre portion ingredients! This is a huge time and stress saver. For example:  If you are preparing pizza then portion the dough ahead of time as well as sauce cheese and toppings.
    • Find a cooking related game to play to liven up the party.  Pin the pepperoni on the pizza is a good one and it can either be purchased or made from scratch, if you are the creative type.
    • Don’t forget to make the birthday child or guest of the event feel special by making them a part of the demonstration on how to bake or cook the item of the event.
    • Parchment paper works great for large trays when baking saving oven space and eliminating the need to provide each guest their very own pizza pan.
    • Once the food is in the oven kids can be creative and decorate their own pizza or bakery boxes so they can take home any left overs.  Markers, stickers and ribbon work great!
    • Depending on the amount of guests plan on having at least one or more helping hands to assist with the oven and clean up.
    • Select a fun theme for the party! Ask your child what his or her favorite cooking show is for some ideas.
    •  Plan a fun cooking or baking themed party favor for each guest to take home after the party is over.
    •  Visit for all of your kid aprons, chef hats, cooking supplies and party favor needs!


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